26 April, 2017


Two successful companies with ample capital, InfoGroup and Evopro, have created an incubator company called BOOOMerang InQbator with a registered capital of HUF 60 million to facilitate the development of start-up companies and to provide financial investments to them.

BOOOMerang InQbator wishes to become a defining incubator company within 3 years in the Carpathian Basin, well-known and renown by the start-up ecosystem in Hungary and neighbouring countries. The region has seen outstanding – at a domestic and also at an international level — innovative Hungarian start-ups creating and succeeding with products and services, as well as several exceptionally successful exit.

BOOOMerang InQbator aims to provide support primarily for new innovative Hungarian enterprises with rapid growth potential in the Northeast region of Hungary, involved in vehicle and other mechanical technology, agricultural innovation, and info communication services, in starting, rapid development and targeting international markets. They plan to invest in companies in their starting phase of ideas or prototype, on a scale of HUF 50 million in average, where an expert group of consultants and mentors with proven experience in their fields of focus will guide the development of start-ups.

The incubator considers its mission to create an innovative region along the Kassa-Miskolc-Debrecen-Kolozsvár axis, and to connect and develop synergies in the capacities of the four towns with regard to their college, research and young entrepreneurial resources. They have included among their objectives the nurturing, mentoring and financial support of innovative economic initiatives in these towns and their regional environment, as well as helping them in access to markets.

Source: Infogroup




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