Polgár Industrial Park has a concept plan for approximately 120.000 sqm industrial and warehouse area. We intend to build the Park in 6 phases within 7-10 years-time, according to the following schedule:

Phase 1 – Completed
A total of 18.250 sqm warehouse area was completed in 3 phases: 6.300 sqm, 4.450 sqm and 7.500 sqm

Phase 2 – ‘A’ completed, ‘B’ planning and preparation phase
We building permit for an atrium covering 19,900 sqm area. The construction will be conducted in several phases. We have completed a 9,000 sqm logistical building in December of 2015, which was a speculative development. Depending on how well prepared the area is, a 10,900 sqm building can be constructed in 8 to 12 months time.

Phases 3-6 – Concept design phase
Concept design is available for the next phases, therefore preparation works are ongoing. Permit design and construction works can be started upon clients’ requests.